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Composition on Ingredients: A product formed from reaction of unsaturated fatty oil and sulfur


It will help maintain compound durometer and flexibility over time, even in difficult service conditions like flexographic or roll applications. In general, two parts of VVO can be substituted for one part plasticizer or oil, up to 15 parts, with little effect on other compound properties.


VVO also absorbs the oil and plasticizer in a compound and reduces abrasion resistance allowing better polishing or grinding of roll compounds. In summary, VVO can be processed in rolls, molded and extruded. The benefits are;


  • Non-blooming
  • Non-volatile
  • Non-migrating
  • Non extractable
  • Improve mixing
  • Comtrol durometer
  • Wider temperature range for optimum calendering






    Package :

    25 Kg / Box