HNBR (High Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber)

Details :



Hydrogenated NBR features high strength as well as resistance to heat, sour gasoline and ozone. The low-temperature resistance grade provides outstanding physical properties across a wide range of temperatures, from -40 to 150 C. In terms of fuel-related applications compared to rubber containing fluorine, Zetpol exhibits excellent cost performance, while simultaneously complying with the specific requirements of those applications. It also offers superior resistance to various lubricating oil additives. The use of Zetpol enables the manufacture of rubber parts including seals, hoses and gaskets with excellent functionality at high temperatures, as it facilitates the design of high modulus compounds and maintains significant strength at high temperatures.


High Nitrile HNBR:


  •  Zetpol 1020
  •  Zetpol 1020L

Middle High Nitrile HNBR:


  • Zetpol 2000
  • Zetpol 2000L
  • Zetpol 2010
  • Zetpol 2010L
  • Zetpol 2020
  • Zetpol 2020L
  • Zetpol 2030L

    Package :


    25 Kgs Bale / PE Bag